Important! Travel insurance policies are invalid in countries where active hostilities are taking place - Ukraine and Israel

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When do you want to travel?


Where are you going?

The territory of the whole world, except Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel.
Worldwide except New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Israel, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
Geographical Europe except Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

How many travelers under 65 years?
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If You are more experienced than 65 years old, we have special offer for you.
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What kind of trip it will be?

Leisure and business travel insurance.
Business travel insurance for manual workers.
Study trip insurance for persons going to study abroad.

Do you plan to do more sport?

Already included
We take care of it by default in Your travel insurance so that You don't need to worry about! Activities included: Active leisure except skiing and / or snowboarding, diving, sailing, kayaking in mountain rivers, except extreme sports and official sport training and competitions.
If You plan to be more active in Your trip then this option covers Your lifestyle! Activities included: skiing and / or snowboarding when skiing on specially adapted trails of winter sports centres; diving up to 30 meters-deep; sailing on yachts, if return to the port at least every 3 days; kayaking in mountain rivers.
If You're lifestyle is more extreme than usual then this fits for You the best! Activities included: various martial and defense arts, martial arts and contact sports; bodybuilding and weightlifting; riding a motorcycle, jet ski, snowmobile, quad bike or light quad bike, mountain bike; aircraft piloting, parachuting, gliding, paragliding, hang gliding, recreational or ultralight aircraft, rubber rope jumping; any overcoming of mountain river thresholds and other obstacles; kite flying; surfing, windsurfing; skiing or snowboarding, ski mountaineering and all types of skiing or snowboarding outside marked trails; mountaineering, wall climbing, speleology; skateboarding, cycling tricks (dawnhill, freeraid, etc.), parkour; trips to uninhabited places, extreme climates or harsh natural conditions, e.g. to mountains, jungles, deserts, swamps, taiga, tundra or other; horse riding, equestrian sports; hunting and other activities involving the use of a firearm; fishing on the high seas; any other extreme health or life-threatening extreme sport or leisure activity which requires special physical and mental abilities and training, using special equipment and / or performing various physical tricks, where the safety of the athlete depends only in part on his ability and preparation - when the risk is influenced by the environment in which the sport is performed and / or the natural forces used in the sport (wind, waves, snow, etc.) except official sport training and competitions.
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