App for your lifestyle

Experience the simplicity of the Balcia Insurance app. It delivers a hassle-free way to buy insurance for your lifestyle, with the broadest coverage for all your insurance risks, simple rules, and a seamless claims process. Discover app's engaging features that make insurance both easy and exciting!

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App for your lifestyle
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Stay up-to-date with the latest updates on irresistible offers and buzz-worthy events. Engage in exciting challenges and games to elevate your overall experience.

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Be the first to get great deals

Download the app to secure a unique discounted rate for your first purchase for any of these insurance products - Home, MTPL, City Combo, Accident, Civil Liability, Extreme, Travel, Junior, and CASCO.

Enjoy effortless claims management

Experience effortless subscription, easy management, and convenient claims processing all in one place. We guarantee the fastest claims processing; if we fall short of that promise, a special offer will be extended to you as compensation.

Who we are

Next-generation insurance made for your lifestyle protects your current assets and provides inspiration for any future adventures! Our clients define our company - you set the rules, and we play by them. Take us with you on your ski trips with your family, road trips with your friends, and wherever else the world takes you.

Life is a constant flow – subscribe to insurance whenever and wherever you need to. Cancel your subscription anytime, anywhere. We will handle the rest!

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